Camp Groups

Our groups are divided by age, which determines the number of trips, and the types of programs offered each week. All trips take place Mondays through Thursdays, with Fridays reserved for an in-house all-camp specials event.

Ages 2.8-3

The “Staten Island Frogs” is the youngest group at Discovery Camp. In this half-day program, campers enjoy a special activity on Wednesdays and they participate in Specials Event Fridays. This group has water-lay in the courtyard twice per week.

Age 4

The “Brooklyn Beavers” group is a full-day program. Campers enjoys a special activity on Wednesdays, they go swimming twice per week, and they have water-lay in the courtyard each week! During the last week of camp, the Beavers go on one trip to Victorian Gardens in Central Park.

Age 5

The “Manhattan Monkeys” group enjoys a special activity and goes on an age-appropriate trip every Wednesday! They have water-play in the courtyard once per week and go swimming twice per week.

Age 6-7

The “Bronx Bees” group takes two trips per week! These trips take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays with our orders group, the “Queens Penguins.” In addition to these trips, the Bees group goes swimming twice per week.

Age 8-12

The “Queens Penguins” group takes three trips per week; two trips with the “Bronx Bees” and an additional trip on Wednesdays. This group goes swimming once per week and enjoys one special trip to a water park!

When campers are not on a trip

When campers are not on a trip, they will have a full complement of fun activities in Caedmon’s four-story building. Highly skilled counselors will guide them in swimming, arts and crafts, cooking, movement, music, science, tennis, and of course, sports and games in the outdoor courtyard. The three youngest groups will also have water-lay 2-3 times per week.

All Camp Events

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